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Water, essential for life on earth, is one of the most widely distributed substances in nature. But often, supplying homes and businesses with a pure and dependable water supply can be a problem, whether your water comes from a well or from a public supply. Is your home or business badly in need of water treatment? Does your property suffer from irrigation or purification problems? Eliminate your water problems today with Bouknight Pumps' premium service

Our Services

Think of all the ways you need water, then think of Bouknight Pumps. Residential and commercial water pump installation, service and repair water well systems and irrigation. Water treatment products for well and public water supplies, including softeners, filters, reverse osmosis, and the latest Hollow Fiber technology.


We offer installation of all pump and filter systems including well systems, lake systems, water softeners, filters, and reverse osmosis systems. If you are building a new home or you are looking to update your existing system; we have what you need.

Water Filtration

We offer several different water filtration systems to taylor to your needs. A multimedia filter (filters to 5 microns), the Big Blue filter (filters to 1 micron), or the latest Hollow Fiber technology, which can filter to .1 to .3 microns.

Emergency Repair

When water emergencies arrise you can count on Bouknight Pumps to be there to help. Will will make it our priority to get you back up and running which is why we offer 24-hour emergency service. Just ask us today how we can help

We are dedicated to helping our customers meet the highest water quality standards.