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Think of all the ways you need water, then think of Bouknight Pumps. Residential and commercial water pump installation, service and repair including water well systems and irrigation systems. Water treatment products for well and public water supplies, including softeners, filters, reverse osmosis, and the latest Hollow Fiber technology.

Lake System from Bouknight Pumps

Even if you live on a body of water such as a large lake or large pond, a pure and consistent water supply can be a problem. Our Lake System provides water with quality equal to bottled water, with good, consistent pressure. As a full-service pump and water treatment company, Bouknight Pumps has been helping homeowners insure their water quality and consistency for over half a century.

Our Lake System Includes:

•   Pump (size varies with flow demand)
•   Precharged tank (sized for pump size)
•   Retention tank (sized for adequate contact time with alum and chlorine)
•   Two peristatic feed pumps for alum and chlorine (self-priming)
•   Two 15-gallon solution cans
•   One multimedia filter (filters to 5 microns)
•   Auto-backwash (sized to provide minimal pressure loss)
•   One activated carbon filter with auto-backwash
•   Filters are sized to adequately remove chlorine and improve taste

What filter is right for you?

Alternative filter options are available for customers who don't wish to use alum (Multimedia Filter), including the Big Blue filter (filters to 1 micron), or the latest Hollow Fiber technology, which can filter from .1 to .3 microns.